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Driver Recruiting

Premier Transportation considers our drivers to be our most important asset. We recognize the value of a quality driver and understand that our drivers represent our company both over the road and with the customer.

We pride ourselves in hiring only the best drivers in the industry. Premier has worked very hard over the years to insure that all drivers are treated courteously and in a professional manner.

At Premier Transportation Family isn't just a Priority, it's our culture! View Our Driver Qualifications Here

Maintenance Tech Positions

Premier Transportation has immediate openings for Experienced Tractor and Trailer Mechanics. Duties include: A/C repair, engine diagnostic, electrical troubleshooting as well as general tractor maintenance, Brakes, lights, and structural repairs, panels, roofs and door replacement on trailers. Experience required, including 2-5 years in over the road tractor and trailer maintenance. Must have own tools and clean driving record. Fill Out And Fax Your Technician Application Here Or Apply Online By Clicking Here

Listed below are our minimum driver qualifications, if you meet these requirements please follow the links on the right to apply:
  • Have reached their 22nd birthday

  • Be able to read and speak the English language

  • Pass a driver's D.O.T. physical

  • Successfully pass a controlled substance test in accordance with the FMCSR..

  • Be physically able to assist with loading and/or unloading freight.

  • Have no positive test result for a controlled substance or alcohol test required by Part 382 of the FMCSR, or violated the "prohibitions" contained in Subpart B within the previous 5 years..

  • Have no more than 2 moving violations in the previous 12 months, or 3 in the previous 36 months.

  • Have not been convicted or forfeited bond for Reckless Driving in the previous 36 months.

  • Have not been involved in a preventable rear-ended accident in the previous 36 months

  • Have not been involved in more than 2 preventable accidents in the previous 36 months.

  • Possess only one current, valid, non-restricted (other than glasses, hearing aid) Class A CDL.

  • Have not been involved in a preventable rollover accident in the previous 36 months.

  • Provide documents as to the nature, cost, and extent of any injury to be considered if involved in a preventable D.O.T. reportable accident within the previous 36 months.

  • Have no disqualification (or convicted of violations identified in the FMCSR Part 383.51 Disqualification of Drivers) from driving commercial vehicles in the previous 36 months. However, there are some disqualifications in Part 383.51 that may render the applicant ineligible for consideration if having occurred within the previous 10 years and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

  • HAVE MINIMUM EXPERIENCE: 12 months within the previous 5 years of verifiable experience operating a Class A (combination tractor/trailer) commercial motor vehicle with GVWR of 80,000 pounds or more. Experience Credit may be given for receiving certification from an approved driving school and/or defensive driving course.

  • Successfully Complete Driver Orientation Programs.

  • Not have a license suspension, revocation or denials for moving violations within the previous 36 months.