Our Technology

Fleet Management

At Premier Transportation, technology plays a vital role in the execution and integrity of our service. We keep promises because we're equipped to deliver.

We invest extensive resources in the most effective and advanced technologies in dispatch, communications, satellite tracking and EDI. We also deploy a variety of security measures to protect our clients and their freight.


Integrated Technologies

EDI provides an innovative collaboration among business partners for fast, accurate, and secure exchange of business documents regardless of data format or network connectivity standards.

Tractor Tracking: GPS satellite tracking allows us to keep our promises by keeping track of our fleet. We use both PeopleNet and Rand McNally to quickly and accurately locate each of our tractors locations.

Trailer Tracking: To ensure the safety and visibility of your assets we use SkyBitz. Skybitz provides enhanced security protection for your cargo, improves detection of terrorism and other malicious threats, and improves stolen asset recovery.