Congratulations, Hamilton Palmer! Our 13th Grand In Your Hand Contest Winner

September 6, 2023 0 Comments

Introducing Our 13th “GRAND In Your Hand” Winner: Hamilton Palmer!


Join us in celebrating Hamilton Palmer, an exceptional driver and the proud recipient of our 13th “GRAND In Your Hand” contest!


Our valued customers have spoken:


– Margita Cipi, Marshalls: Hamilton exudes professionalism and is exceptionally helpful.

– Kelvin Wilson, Marshals: He’s an invaluable asset in truck organization.

– Betty Richardson, Marshalls: Hamilton’s outstanding personality, friendliness, and reliability stand out.

– Alitrichia Altazin, Marshalls: He’s personable, accommodating, and always pleasant, facilitating communication between our distribution center and store.

– Ashley Gregaitis, Premier:

Hamilton is always a great help. He assist his fellow drivers retrieve trailers from the back of the yard and organizing to make things run smoothly here in Ocala. He never says no.

– Eislee Nakamasu, Marshalls:

This isn’t just one day, but every time Hamilton Palmer comes to my store at Rivercity, he always, ALWAYS goes above and beyond the call of duty. He ensures the pallets are safely loaded in my backroom, he always takes the time to ensure that nothing is on the yellow line and constantly communicates with us regarding deliveries. Not only does he do all that, but he’s always in a positive mood, and always brings a smile to our faces, when we have Hamilton we know our truck delivery will be flawless while also being a positive experience. I truly cannot say enough great things about Hamilton, he is truly the best driver I have ever had the pleasure of working with. If there is anyone who deserves this prize, it truly is Hamilton Palmer.

– Melissa, Marshalls:

Our backroom is packed to the gills with merchandise. Our company has been able to procur and ship more goods to the store than ever before. When Hamilton delivers our trucks we all breathe a sigh of relief. We know that he is going to enter with an upbeat, positive attitude. He’s always helpful no matter what is happening. More than once he has calmed down a manager who was apologizing for not being ready. He is an amazing, helpful driver. We would be so happy if you made him our permanent driver!! (Just kidding! But not if that’s really an option!)

– Harold Whitehead, TJ Maxx:

Hamilton is a really engaging driver and a pleasure to work with. He is a part of our store team and family. He is always very cooperative when making our deliveries and completes his delivery in a professional manner

– Jordin Jarzinko, TJ Maxx:

Hamilton goes above and beyond every time he delivers our truck. He always makes sure that everything is done according to policy and offers help. We’re sad when we have a different driver and look forward to the days that he delivers our truck.

– Helena, Marshalls:

Every time Hamilton comes in my building 1043, he always is so positive and hardworking. He has seen the store in some pretty tough shape but is always eager to help us move things around and get situated. He always brings great conversation and is efficient. He is a great worker! Definitely truck driver of the year material!!! He is always consistent and pleasant!

Hamilton, your dedication and exceptional service have earned you this well-deserved recognition.


Stay tuned for more celebrations of our remarkable team members and their extraordinary contributions!