Congratulations, Fred Chapman! Our 16th Grand In Your Hand Contest Winner

October 6, 2023 0 Comments

**Announcing Our 16th Grand In Your Hand Winner – Fred Chapman!** 


It’s with immense pleasure that we introduce our 16th Grand In Your Hand Contest Winner – Fred Chapman! 


Fred’s dedication and exceptional service have made him an invaluable part of our Premier Transportation team.


Let’s take a closer look at what our wonderful customers had to say:


Dawna Johnson at HomeGoods in Chesapeake, Virginia, has worked with Fred for several years and attests to his unwavering commitment. She praises his punctual work ethic, outstanding communication skills, and remarkable ability to stay motivated.  Fred’s exceptional professionalism shines through every delivery. He’s known for always being on time, and often even early, giving the team at HomeGoods a valuable head start on trailer unloading. His respectful and considerate approach adds a touch of excellence to every interaction. 


And that’s not all – Jerry from the TJX-HomeGoods division, a tenured Store Manager, also applauds Fred’s incredible contributions. According to Jerry, Fred’s promptness and efficiency in ensuring timely deliveries have earned the heartfelt gratitude of the entire staff.  Fred’s dedication knows no bounds, making him a true asset to both our company and our cherished customers. His commitment to excellence is immeasurable, and we hope to continue benefiting from his exceptional service at our Chesapeake, VA location for years to come.


Fred, your hard work and commitment have earned you the title of our 16th Grand In Your Hand Winner!


Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition! 


Stay tuned as we continue to share remarkable moments and the enduring influence our team members make.