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Congratulations, Kenny Hines! Our 21th Grand In Your Hand Contest Winner

November 10, 2023 0 Comments

Celebrating Excellence: Kenny Hines, Our 21st Grand In Your Hand Winner! 

Kenny Hines stands out as a shining example of commitment, reliability, and unwavering service. With under four years left until retirement, Kenny brings a fresh and eager spirit to work every day, embodying the enthusiasm of his first day on the job.

Our customers speak volumes about Kenny’s exceptional qualities:

** “Always patient, professional, and reliable!”
** “Kenny is our store’s favorite truck driver!”
** “He is the most knowledgeable and kind driver we’ve had.”
** “Kenny is very trustworthy and hardworking.”

But it’s not just about the job for Kenny; it’s about creating positive experiences. Even when faced with less-than-perfect situations, Kenny maintains a sense of humor that resonates with everyone around him.

Here’s what our customers had to say:

** “Always very nice and personable when he comes.”
**  “Kenny goes the extra mile, ensuring freight is delivered on time.”
** “He comes in with a smile and is personable.”
** “Kenny will make sure no matter what is happening that my load is dropped.”

Kenny’s dedication, kindness, and exceptional service have left a lasting mark on our team and customers. His positive attitude and willingness to go above and beyond make him a true asset to Premier Transportation.

Join us in congratulating Kenny Hines on becoming our 21st Grand In Your Hand Contest Winner!  Your hard work, positivity, and commitment are truly commendable.

Stay tuned for more stories of excellence and the incredible impact our team members continue to make. Congratulations, Kenny!