Congratulations, Eric Pritchett! Our 11th Grand In Your Hand Contest Winner

August 23, 2023 0 Comments
Join us in celebrating the outstanding Eric Pritchett, our remarkable driver, and the 11th winner of the “GRAND In Your Hand” contest! 

Eric’s exceptional service has earned him high praise from our cherished customers, who were eager to share their accolades.

** Alex Orgeta in University Park: “Great job and excellent service—Eric knows how to deliver with a smile.”

** Lucy Lebron at TJ Maxx: “Eric has been an awesome truck driver we get almost every day and he’s is GREAT!!! He’s very good at what he does, taking the pallets out easily and swiftly. Also pretty funny man but definitely a hard working individual. Glad to have him every time we get a truck.”

** Marisa Kaufman at TJ Maxx: “Eric always does a fantastic job when he comes to my store. Always friendly and professional. He is safe, quick, and efficient when handling every pallet that comes off of the trailer.”

** Chris Iverson at TJX: “Speedy delivery and always helps by going the extra mile.”

** Nicole Nordschow at TJX: “Eric is one of our stores’ favorite drivers, every time Eric delivers our pallets he is always friendly, kind, and helpful. Our backroom is small and Eric helps us navigate our space. He always jokes with us and is so kind. Eric provides us consistent, friendly, and efficient service. We smile every time he greets us at the door.”

** Jilian Khan at TJ Maxx: “Eric did a great job unloading our delivery. He is courteous and friendly.”

** Caralyn at Marshalls: “Eric is friendly and helps make sure our pallets are dropped safely. He also will take our recycling to ensure our stockroom is safe and workable.”

** Afshan at Marshalls: “Mr. Eric Pritchett is very polite. Hardworking. Very professional. He follows company policies every time.”

** Erick at TJ Maxx: “Mr. Pritchett is very helpful and always polite. We needed to send some fixtures back to ARRC. He was glad to help. He always unloads the pallets efficiently.”

** Alia at TJ Maxx: “Such a nice person, always love when he’s the truck driver!”

Congratulations, Eric!  Your remarkable service and positive impact are truly appreciated.