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Congratulations, Patrick Main! Our 24th Grand In Your Hand Contest Winner

December 12, 2023 0 Comments

Exciting News Alert! Premier Transportation’s 24th Grand In Your Hand Winner: Patrick Main! 

Join us in celebrating the remarkable Patrick Main, truck #23245, as he claims the title of our 24th Grand In Your Hand Contest Winner! 

Patrick’s stellar performance, highlighted by Tractor Supply, showcases his dedication to excellence. “Every time he comes to the DC, he has all required steps done to check in his trailer before his turn at the guard shack,” says our valued customer.

Beyond his outstanding work ethic, Patrick brings a ray of sunshine with his contagious smile and laughter. His positive attitude has not only earned the recognition of Tractor Supply but also our heartfelt appreciation.

Congratulations, Patrick Main, on becoming our 24th Grand In Your Hand winner!  Your commitment and winning spirit truly make a difference.

As we celebrate this success, remember that our Grand In Your Hand contest is in full swing until the end of 2023! Share your stories and nominations. Let’s finish this year out with even more remarkable success stories!