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Game Changer Nov. 2023 Zachary Lewis-Smalley

Game Changer of the Month November 2023

December 14, 2023 0 Comments

Way To Go Zach!

In November, Premier is shining the spotlight on Zachary Lewis-Smalley at our Hazlehurst, MS distribution center! Zach kicked off his journey nearly three years ago as a dockworker in Monroe, MI, mentored by the ever-wise Harry Owsley. In no time, he stood out. When Hazlehurst needed an operations manager, Zach was the natural choice—energetic, innovative, and devoted. He brings the daily motivation needed to tackle any task. According to Bill Laing, the Hazlehurst operation has taken a positive turn with Zach leading the way.

Zachary, married to Samantha, recently welcomed their adorable daughter, Sophia, into the world almost four months ago. Word has it, she’s destined to be a Buc’s fan. Premier is proud to have Zachary on our team and looks forward to his ongoing success.

Join us in congratulating Zach, Premier’s November Gamechanger! Way to go, Zach!